Move Over KonMari, It’s a New Dawn

I love a good declutter (who doesn’t?) and I’ve embarked on my most thorough home simplification project ever. Doing it now makes sense because: It’s the Easter holidays for DD1 so there’s no school run, school uniform etc. It’s officially Spring and apparently cleaning is a part of the season (hah!) Enough is enough. IContinue reading “Move Over KonMari, It’s a New Dawn”

Poem: Ode to My Mother-in-Law

Oh the ridiculous things my MIL can do, She can complain like her life depends on it, ooh! She can b*tch and moan till it makes me cuckoo. What about you? Have you got one of these too? She can make everything about her in any given situation, Even when her grandchildren are ill andContinue reading “Poem: Ode to My Mother-in-Law”

Surviving Lockdown 1: Wardrobe

A year into lockdown and I’ve basically given up on my appearance. Although I’m not one to stay in my pyjamas all day,  since this last round of restrictions started in December, I have been wearing jeans with the same eight tops on rotation over and over and over again.

Recipe: Grown-up Egg & Soldiers

I love breakfast. Always have. Especially if it’s a big breakfast made for me by someone else. A hotel buffet breakfast is my ultimate favourite. That, to me, is one of the best things about going on holiday. Oh man, what I would give for a holiday right now. Or even a meal where IContinue reading “Recipe: Grown-up Egg & Soldiers”

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