A Matter of Time

Last week, I started doing the Mins Game. Things were going well – I was super organised and managing to get so much done I was shocked. So why not also minimise clutter from my space?

It turns out you can have too much of a good thing.

On Monday, I was really effective at work, did a load of laundry (obviously), cooked a meal from scratch, gave both kids baths (with shampoos and blowdries) and one of them a haircut, and decluttered 17 items.

Hubby was feeling unwell (definitely man flu) so I picked up the slack.

I was exhausted.

And then the baby slept terribly. I mean TERRIBLY. It was so bad that I was ready to call an exorcist. My day on Tuesday started at 2:30am.

Game over.

I had a full-blown breakdown by 9am…in Starbucks.

Lesson learnt. I need to do less. Pace myself. Where I need minimalism now is in my schedule. I’m working towards a deadline for work and it’s going really well so far. And I’m cooking a lot more instead of getting take-out. My kids are full on even on a good day. And bad days get really bad. What I can give up right now is the Mins Game.

I’ve actually loved this game. The challenge of having to hit a quota really does make you get on with it and tackle areas you’ve been avoiding. In just five days, I got rid of 75 items that had been cluttering my home. Have a look on Instagram.

I’ll definitely be playing again. Soon perhaps. And this time maybe I’ll rope some friends into the challenge too.


A Huge Realisation

Ladies and gents, I have some news. Brace yourselves because it may shock you as much as it shocked me… I looked back on the last few weeks and it turns out – I don’t even know how to say this – I cook a lot.

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Move Over KonMari, It’s a New Dawn

I love a good declutter (who doesn’t?) and I’ve embarked on my most thorough home simplification project ever. Doing it now makes sense because:

  • It’s the Easter holidays for DD1 so there’s no school run, school uniform etc.
  • It’s officially Spring and apparently cleaning is a part of the season (hah!)
  • Enough is enough. I need control not chaos.
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Poem: Ode to My Mother-in-Law

Oh the ridiculous things my MIL can do,

She can complain like her life depends on it, ooh!

She can b*tch and moan till it makes me cuckoo.

What about you? Have you got one of these too?

She can make everything about her in any given situation,

Even when her grandchildren are ill and might need hospitalisation.

She can pretend to care, if it makes her look good

Like any ‘social media grandma’ should.

Oh the ridiculous things my MIL can do –

I think it’s time to tell her to shoo.

:: Can you tell which famous children’s book this poem is based on? Here’s a clue.

If you enjoyed this poem, this book might make you laugh too.

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